ICZM Task Force, Sabah

In October 1988 the ICZM Project in Sabah entered its Phase 2 focussing on producing the ICZM Strategic Development Plan for the state building upon the information system established in earlier phases, on the networks among coastal development stakeholders from the public and private sectors and applying the tools introduced, developed and trained in. All earlier Task Forces, except the district level Sandakan Task Force were amalgamated into the composite Sabah ICZM Task Force, which in Phase 2 operated through a series of State Work Shops exposing the progressive achievements to a broader audience. The development of strategic recommendations were undertaken in four Work Groups, covering institutional, environmental, spatial and public participation and awareness dimensions.

Two major work shops and a Strategic ICZM Plan presentation Conference were held in Phase 2 in October 1998, December 1998 and June 1999 respectively:

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Launching Workshop for Phase 2 of the Sabah ICZM Project Framework and ICZM Spatial Plan Workshop for Phase 2 of the Sabah ICZM Project

ICZM Sabah Conference 21-23 June 1999

The 4 Work Groups established under the Task Force were:

Work Group 1 - ICZM Institutional Framework Work Group 2 - Public Participation and Awareness in ICZM Work Group 3 - ICZM Spatial Planning Work Group 4 - Environmental Management in ICZM
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Chairman of Work Group 1
Captain James Lee Wang Hing
Chairman of Work Group 2
Mr. Chin Kah Thing
Chairman of Work Group 3
Adrian Chong Sui Chiang
Chairman of Work Group 4 Director of Environmental Conservation Department Encik Eric Juin

The ICZM Strategic Development Plan presented at the June 1999 ICZM Sabah Conference had four dimensions from which execute recommendations were later derived. A Cabinaet Paper has been prepared presenting the recommendations for political endorsement.

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ICZM Institutional Framework Policy Paper ICZM Spatial Plan Environmental Management in Sabah Shoreline Management in the ICZM Context in Sabah Integrated Sabah ICZM Recommendations